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2020.11.30 17:18 Shakeandbake529 Girlfriend says stress around work is stagnating/negatively affecting our relationship

My girlfriend (25F) and I (26M) matched at the end of May on a dating app, have been dating since July, and have been in a relationship since early September (so we’ve been a couple for almost 3 months). I think she’s amazing, we have a great connection, we’re super open about our feelings, and about a month ago I told her I love her. She’s someone who grows slowly in relationships, but she validated my feelings and knows how important it is that I feel that way about her.
We are both very busy people professionally. I work in mental health research, and am finishing my first semester of grad school. She’s finishing up her “residency” (called Early Entry Training) for her job as a Veterinarian. Despite Covid and our busy schedules, we try our best to find time to spend together, and make the most of it.
Yet for the past few weeks, her shifts have been really intense (her program schedules more shifts than she will when she starts her actual job), sometimes she has multiple overnight shifts, gets called in for surgery, etc. When that happens, we barely speak, because when I’m waking up to start my day, she gets home to sleep to recoveprepare for another night shift. I’ve always just accepted that’s part of the deal dating a doctor, and have been able to be in the moment and enjoy whatever time I have with her.
But I know she told me her way to “grow in her feelings” is to spend quality time. I talked to her yesterday about how I hope these tough weeks or examples of this type of workload have an effect on her growth, and she told me it has.
She said that for a little while since work has become really busy, so much of her energy has been dedicated to focusing on her job, managing stress around her job, trying to find time to study, navigating being a healthcare worker during the pandemic, and stressing about moving into New York City where she’ll work after her program is over. She told me that she hasn’t had much energy/space left to be as engaged in our relationship as she initially thought she would have. She said she feels like this environment makes it feel like we’re just “co-existing” in the relationship and feels the growth has stagnated. She worries that with the next few months not being much different, and the pandemic getting worse, that this will become her routine way of feeling in this relationship and when things do get better, she won’t be able to pick up where she left off in her feelings.
Obviously, this is my worst fear, and really upset me to hear it. Although we both care about each other and don’t want to give up this relationship I feel like she already has created a potential “worst-case scenario” for us. I’m terrified to keep going on for the next few months thinking that in the back of my mind she thinks this ship is already sinking.
I texted her last night and we both said we will keep making the most of our time together, because it’s so important to us.
So my questions are, how can we navigate this? What are ways in which to get “un-stuck” when it feels that other forces (work, stress) are getting in the way of a relationship between two compatible people?
As people, we’re great together, and as two young professionals, we can’t be the only ones trying to navigate busy lives. We try to spend time together whenever we can, so the “physical” work is there, I feel like perhaps a strategy is to mentally block out outside forces when it’s “our time”, or find a way to let her to use our time as a way to mitigate that stress (vent to me about work, work through her stresses together).
Any advice would be incredibly helpful. We both know this is a really special connection, and I’d be heartbroken if things beyond our interpersonal bond would mess this up.
TL/DR: Advice on navigating how my SO’s work and stress is stalling her growth in our relationship
Edit: an additional question, how can I mentally process this beyond feeling like I have to “love her like I’m going to lose her”?
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2020.11.30 17:00 TomatoDecent3977 Need Advice on Emotionally Supporting my Unemployed Mom

I've been struggling lately with trying to help support my mom emotionally and I'm afraid there's not much left in the tank.
Here's a quick backstory on her - she's been a single parent her entire life, extremely hard working, self less, caring, just an overall wonderful person. She's struggled with depression and anxiety all of my life and has been on medication. About 7 years ago, she moved in with another family member to save money and to avoid another ridiculous rent increase. This situation was supposed to last a year, maybe two. Fast forward to 5 years later, she's still living there. During this time her mentality completely changed. She went from frugal to spending money like crazy, avoiding social gatherings with family and then was dating a co-worker (more like FWB...). When she was with him, she would avoid everyone, never return calls and it got to the point where we would call hospitals trying to find her because she wouldn't come home. The family member who she was living with would call me to vent and I was struggling with trying to figure out why my mom was acting this way, or doing these things. During this whole time, I was her emotional support "person", through all of the ups and downs, trying to be her cheerleader.
Last year, she landed a job closer to where my husband and I live and we offered to have her live with us until a rental property opened up. This past January, we moved her into a rental home near us. Her new job was bumpy, I would hear the same excuses she would say at her last company when something would go wrong and after 10 months (this past May), she was let go. Thankfully, she was given unemployment, so that's been a huge help during the pandemic. She's loved crafts, so she's been talking since this summer about making and selling things locally. She's purchased tons of items for "projects", but in the seven months she's been unemployed, she hasn't completed or sold anything. I'm worried that she's turning into a hoarder. She hasn't applied for jobs because she's terrified of making a mistake and getting let go again. I'm concerned about her depression as she just primarily sleeps and doesn't seem like herself anymore. She's gone to the doctors multiple times and is on medication, but she seems like a shell of the "mom I remember". I keep trying to help motivate her and give her advice whenever she asks, but I'm emotionally spent when nothing comes to fruition. She just realized her unemployment runs out soon and now I'm panicking trying to figure out how we'll be able to keep her afloat. I struggle with anxiety and depression myself and while I take my medication every day, it's getting harder to always be her support system. I've recommended therapy, seeing a psychologist, you name it. I've always been the strong one in my family, but what am I supposed to do when I'm tired to supporting someone who won't help themselves? I love her, but my heart is breaking every day and I feel helpless (and exhausted).
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2020.11.30 16:58 ACCBiggz Releases of the Week 11/30-12/6

If there is a release from any artist or gallery that you are aware of that has not been posted please contribute in the comments below.

Third Quarter ISO/FOR SALE thread
Poster News Discord
This Week's Releases:
Date Release Artist Gallery Release Time
11/30 The Vault Sale Scott C. Artist Site
11/30 New Chapter Pablo Olivera BNG 12pm ET
11/30 Fourth Class Droid Melvin Mago BNG 12pm ET
11/30 Blind As A Bat Phantom City Creative MONDO 12pm ET
11/30 I've Got Batman In My Basement Phantom City Creative MONDO 12pm ET
11/30 Appointment in Crime Alley Phantom City Creative MONDO 12pm ET
11/30 Mystery Tubes Various Mad Duck 12pm ET
Future Releases:
Date Release Artist Gallery Release Time
11/? TBA Lyndon Willoughby Cyclops Prints Works
12/? Stimpy Super A ThinkSpace
?/? The Simpsons Super-A BNG
?/? Bret Hart David Mack Comic Art Chimp
?/? Chucky Will Blood Artist Site
?/? District 9 Gabz Artist Site
?/? The Mandalorian Rory Kurtz MONDO
?/? The Little Mermaid George Caltsoudas BNG
?/? The Wolf Man Jason Edmiston MONDO
?/? Katamari Damacy Claire Hummel MONDO
?/? Frozen Matt Taylor Cyclops Print Works TBA
?/? TBA William Stout ISH
?/? TBA Rockin'Jelly Bean ISH
?/? Die Hard 17th & Oak TBA
?/? Blade Runner Tula Lotay TBA TBA
?/? Jaws 3 Jay Shaw MONDO TBA
?/? Jaws 4: The Revenge TBA MONDO TBA
?/? Indiana Jones TBA MONDO TBA
?/? Fight Club Card Game MONDO TBA
?/? Future Batman: The Animated Series Figures MONDO TBA
?/? Mondo Mecha Black Panther MONDO TBA
?/? Mondo Mecha Captain America MONDO TBA
?/? The Handmaiden J.A.W. Cooper MONDO TBA
?/? The Empire Strikes Back Scott C. MONDO TBA
?/? Paddington Daniel Danger, Matt Taylor, & Jock MONDO TBA
?/? Portrait of a Lady on Fire TBA MONDO TBA
?/? Godzilla Attack Peter MONDO TBA
?/? Gallery Show Drops We Buy Your Kids MONDO TBA
?/? TBA Matthew Woodson MONDO TBA
?/? Scott Pilgrim TBA MONDO TBA
?/? Blade Runner 2049 TBA MONDO TBA
?/? Marvel 2099 Pins Tom Whalen MONDO TBA
?/? TBA Aaron Horkey MONDO TBA
?/? Full Metal Jacket Wylie Beckert MONDO TBA
?/? Jurassic Park Shirts TBA MONDO TBA
?/? Unmatched: Jurassic Park Pack 2 N/A MONDO TBA
?/? ??? Rick Kelly MONDO
?/? Series 2 Rick & Morty Figurine MONDO
?/? Series 3 Rick & Morty Figurine MONDO
?/? ??? 100% Soft MONDO
?/? Universal Monster Martin Ansin MONDO
?/? ??? Mike Saputo MONDO
?/? ??? Mike Sutfin MONDO
?/? Transformers: The Animated Movie TBA MONDO
?/? A24 Show TBA MONDO/The Vacvvm
?/? Batman: The Animated Series Joker Figurine MONDO

The Poster News Discord offers continual updates and discussions about releases and other art prints. Join the discussion!****

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2020.11.30 16:53 GaelicSchool My friend's younger brother [20M] is dating a younger woman [17F] and people are pressuring them to break it off

So my buddy's younger brother works part-time at a grocery store. He ended up really hitting it off with his co-worker and they started dating earlier this year. People are telling him to break it off she is too young or wait until she turns 18. She turns 18 on Dec 29th. He says what difference is a few weeks going to make. There is only 2 years age difference between them and it seems that they both really like each other. There are women that just turned 18 dating 40 year olds. That seems much worse.
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2020.11.30 16:46 throwaway30092020 The other Woman..

Not sure if 2020/covid changed me.. But i just want to get my story out somewhere..
Tldr: Used to date a co-worker during a period of time when he was in a bad term with his missus. 1 year later after covid, I'm now the AP who occasionally slept with him.
My co-worker(34m) has a missus(44m) with 2 kids, we were friends for a long time and I(27f) always have a great friendship with him. At one point of time he had a bad relationship(not on talking terms) with his missus and eventually around the same time, we developed feelings. Next thing I know we were dating for a while. It was a good time until the missus wanted them to go therapy a amend their relationship of their kids. Eventually he caved in for his kids.
The therapy didn't help and eventually he confessed that he's seeing someone else. They fought and all but the missus wanted him to work their relationship together again. (partial reason I suppose at the initial start of their relationship, she cheated as well) He was strongly against it until the missus gave him an ultimatum that would force not to see his kids anymore. He eventually caved and agreed to get together with her again to work their relationship out.
So eventually we ended things and I was heart broken. We agreed to go back to being just colleagues. We barely talked since then and only talked about work during working hours. Many things happened and including covid, we didnt get to see much of each other.
Fast forward a year later, now that we were back in the office, at some point we were left alone to do some work together. We looked into each other eyes and somehow we just made out and all. We didn't talk about it after. And only talked about work.
Since then, every week when we met, we would made out/have sex in his office. We don't talk about it, we don't text after and left. I don't ask about his family also, i assume he's still in good term with his missus. We only talked as though we are just co workers and nothing happened.
I don't know what to classify myself other then "the other woman", I know it's me being silly but I guess all I want is to be able to spend that little time I can with him and I don't mind b whatever it is now.
Strangely when we broke up (last year) , i felt so bad for his missus despite I don't think I was an AP that time. He told me he broke up and weren't talking. But I guess that's what outsiders saw me as that person. Now, I clearly know that I'm in the wrong, i somewhat don't feel too bad about it. It's as though I have decided to be this person since that's what people saw me. Guess all I care now what I want to do, rather than what others think of me.
I don't know what he thinks of me now(AP or not) , but I guess I can't deny I still have feelings for him. Maybe wanting and wish I can have more with him at times. Although it feels my heart has been broken last year and now I just don't really want to feel anything more apart from those little moment we had.
If you reach this point, thank you for reading my story. Guess I just want my story out somewhere.
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2020.11.30 16:44 Slytherinissuperior I kind off invited a friend to a Christmas dinner, before knowing that my other friends don't want her to come.

So I kind of fucked up. But first here is a bit of a backstory:
My close friendgroup and are hosting a small christmas dinner every year, where we exchange gifts and cook together and play games afterwards (its pretty great). We first started doing this two years ago and it was basically my idea, but my two best friends (let's call them Katy and Jess) always co-organize it. Attending are always the same people: Katy, Jess, Elsa, Christina, Mary, Natasha and I. It's not like we are all in the same friendgroup though, basically Katy, Jess, Elsa, Christina and I in the same group and only Katy, Jess and I are really friends with Natasha. And after our graduation last year I am the only person who is still in frequent contact with Natasha and Christina is the only one who still has contact to Mary, while the rest of us is still pretty close. Now this year I asked Jess, Elsa and Christina (Katy is out of the country and can't come home for christmas due to the pandemic) if they still want to do the christmas dinner and asked which of two dates would fit best. I said in the beginning that I wanted to ask them first, to make sure that we find a date where all of us could come, before inviting more people (like Mary, Natasha and maybe two other people).
So here is where I fucked up: Two weeks ago I had a long phonecall with Natasha who also visited me last weekend and I mentioned that we will be probably hosting the christmasdinner again. We were already talking about meeting people from our school again and she said that she would like to see Katy and Jess again. I said that we didn't have an exact date yet and that I was still discussing this with the others. Now we have found a date which is okay for everybody and I mentioned inviting others again, but the others agreed that even though they like the people I mentioned, they would prefer to do it just in a small round. I totally get that and it makes even more sense considering the pandemic, but I have absolutly no clue what to do now. I personally thought that we were going to invite other people (Mary and Natasha), so I think there was kind of a misunderstanding there, but I also know that it was not okay to mention it to Natasha before talking with the others about it. I haven't mentioned this to the others yet and I also haven't talked to Natasha about the christmas dinner since the phonecall, because I don't want to upset anybody and be angry with me (I am absoluty not good at confrontations with friends). Now I know that I have to at least talk to Natasha about it, but I don't want to tell her in a way that makes the others seem like the bad guys by don't wanting her to be there, but I also don't want to lie and make up an excuse. And I kind off hope that I don't have to tell the others about this hole situation, because I do accept their disicusion to not invite other people. I still want to see Natasha again before christmas and I am thinking about maybe doing a second christmas dinner with Natasha and two other people we both now (Mary isn't friends with any of these people). So the big question now is what to tell Natasha. (And sorry that this is so long it's quit complicated with all the names)
TLDR: I already mentioned hosting a christmas dinner to a friend, before making sure with my other friends that we would invite other people, which they don't want to do.
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2020.11.30 16:43 EddyThe22 Gaming PC - £1,500 [UK]

Hi everyone. I've been looking to build a new gaming PC for some time now and as my current PSU has failed after 8 years I feel the time has come. Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions, I really do appreciate the time taken to help me out. If any additional information or clarification is required please comment below, I will monitor this thread for the next couple days.
What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
General use & gaming. I’d like to be able to run games from the last few years at high settings in 1440p at ~90-120fps avg whilst being able to run games releasing in the next few years with at least medium settings ~60fps.
Examples games include dishonored 2, Doom Eternal, Just Cause 4, The Witcher 3 and looking towards Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Cyberpunk, TES 6
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes
£1500 for the PC only – excluding monitoperipherals etc. – this is only a target however as I can exceed budget if necessary and likewise please don’t feel the need to use the whole amount if a sufficient PC can be built for less.
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
ASAP would be nice as I’m currently using an old laptop however a delay of up to ~1 month is acceptable if parts are unavailable or waiting a small amount of time will yield a much better part/price drop.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc\)
Tower & OS only please. I’ll consider cost for monitor etc. once I know exactly how much the PC will be.
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
UK – England
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
I plan to get a 1440p 144Hz monitor although I’m not sure exactly which one (recommendations welcome) – I’ve been having a look at HANNspree HG324QJB & Samsung LC32JG52QQUXEN
I also use a 2nd monitor not used for gaming however I have a few old monitors (VGA/DVI/HDMI) I can use so won’t need a 2nd new monitor.
I’m planning to replace my mouse to a Logitech G604 or something similar. I have a G700 currently which has become faulty and have become accustomed to having 4 thumb buttons.
I’m unsure whether I should stick with my trusted Microsoft Sidewinder x6 keyboard to replace with a new mechanical board although I haven’t found any I really like the look of – again recommendations welcome, ideally I’d like something as similar as possible with a wrist rest, numpad, backlit/RGP keys and some macros
Don’t worry about budget for the above
7.1 headphones & surround sound system – happy with both currently so need no replacement

Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
Probably not. I’ve overclocked previous systems to mixed success however I’d like a system powerful enough not to need overclocking until a good few years into the future when I’d be looking at upgrading over overclocking.

Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
M.2 NVME SSD 1TB (I was thinking Samsung 970 evo)
HDD 2TB (WD blue or Seagate I guess)
RTX 3000 series (I was thinking 3060 / 3070 or is this overkill? Would a 2000 series be more appropriate? OR even an AMD card for that matter?)
AMD Ryzen (I was thinking 5000 or 7000 series but please replace this with a better option if available)
I’m unsure if the stock fan will be sufficient or if an aftermarket cooler is needed. I use an aftermarket cooler currently but have heard conflicting reports if not overclocking. Is an AIO system worth considering?
7.1 Sound card? – I’m aware most builds no longer include these relics as the on-board motherboard sound is usually OK but I’ve always used an internal sound card previously and can genuinely tell the difference with/without for music & most games. I’m happy to spend extra to include a card if it will make even a small difference however I don’t need studio/professional quality sampling rate etc. – I was looking at Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy Rx 24-bit 192 kHz Sound Card?
Optical drive DVD read/write (outdated I know but sometimes needed for work)
16GB RAM (I was thinking DDR4-3600 if this is good enough?)
At least 7 USB (2.0 or 3.0) slots (I don’t mind using an expansion card if needed, I also have a splitter hub I’m using currently if this is good enough)
I’d like VR compatibility in the future but this requires enough space so may be many years into the future when I can upgrade so it’s no problem if not

Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
Black/dark mid-tower with side panel preferable although not essential. LED lighting would be appreciated however I have no particular colour scheme in mind as it’s of secondary importance to performance for me.

Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
Yes please – Win 10 Home 64 bit

Extra info or particulars:
I think that covers everything – the main questions I have are how far to future-proof the GPU/CPU, what CPU cooler to use and if a sound card is a waste of money?
Once again thanks very much for any help, please ask any further questions you may have below and I will do my best to reply quickly.
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2020.11.30 16:38 Accomplished_Zebra_1 How do I cure Stage-10 Dickmatization?

I recently broke up with my ex a few months ago and just started seeing a new guy. We had actually been co-workers about three years ago and stayed in touch on social media, so I guess he noticed I was single and he reached out to ask me out. We've been on four dates so far, I think he's really fun to talk to and I want to keep seeing him.
I'm not looking to rush into anything serious, but I am interested in getting to know him and see if maybe we'd be compatible, but this guy has me hardcore dickmatized. I thought he was cute years ago when we worked together, but I had a boyfriend and wasn't looking at other men in a sexual way. When I saw him in person again I was REALLY attracted to him. He was still super cute, but his mannerisms and voice and everything were working for me too. We hooked up on our last date and his body is just...ugh. Incredible. The sex itself was fun too, but I just have this really intense physical attraction to him. I get really turned on just sitting across the table at a restaurant because I'm thinking about him naked.
My concerns are this:
He seems very attracted to me as well and was the one to escalate things physically but I want to I want to find a balance of sexual and "dating". I have no poker face and he obviously knows I'm really into him. I'm seeing him tomorrow at his place (our last dates were all in public but my city recently locked everything down again) and I don't know how to handle it. Any advice?
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2020.11.30 16:26 WWWallace71 [A3 WW2] OP TELEMARK British Commandos + Norwegian Resistance SAT DEC05 2000 UTC


By Wallace

[A3 WW2] OP TELEMARK British Commandos + Norwegian Resistance SAT DEC05 2000 UTC


Get the mods through the mod downloader, [Swifty]
Make sure your mods are updated in time, and feel free to contact the mods through Discord or Reddit for help!
Recommended Reading:
Telemark, Norway, 1941
The Norwegian resistance have been working closely with the British SOE, gathering intel on the German building of the Telemark Facility. Contacts in the resistance suggest the Germans are working on 'Heavy Water', a liquid vital in the cooling of nuclear plants. Due to the raging snowstorm, No.4 Commando's role in this mission is now to disable all AAA nests in the AO, and destroy any sources of heavy water. You'll meet up with the Norwegian resistance in the town of Iskuras as soon as possible, as they've marked out all the potential sites of interest. Thusly the Map of the AO is blank for No.4 Commando. Apologies about that ol chap, but you'll just have to find out for yourself.


Map of AO
Terrain: Chernarus 2020 (WinteWW2ified)
In-game Time: 0630/Purple Daybreak/Snowstorm
Weather: Overcast
Medical: Standard Advanced "Gibbs" Medical Settings (Reopening on, all Medics are Surgeons)
Respawn: Respawns on CO (Including NOR).
German 3rd Mountain Division


Use this in your slotting comment:
IGN: SLOT: Baker AR Hi, I'm new! (If applicable)
This list is not guaranteed to be up to date! Do a quick look through the comments to make sure your slot hasn't already been claimed.
Slot Name Equipment
No.4 Commando Command
CO Sten Mk.2
RTO Enfield No.III
MED Kratos Enfield No.III
ADMIN Wallace Enfield No.III
NORWEGIAN Norwegian Resistance
SL Enfield No.III
RTO Enfield No.III
MED Enfield No.III
AAR Enfield No.III
ADAM No.4 Commando
SL Sten Mk.2
RTO Enfield No.III
MED Enfield No.III
AR Bren Mk.2
AAR Sten Mk.2
DEM AutarkOS M1928 Thompson (Drum)
BAXTER No.4 Commando
SL Gibbs Sten Mk.2
RTO Enfield No.III
MED Enfield No.III
AR Bren Mk.2
AAR Sten Mk.2
DEM M1928 Thompson (Drum)
CHARLES No.4 Commando


Latrine Digging (Let us know if you can't make it this week):

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2020.11.30 16:04 Judgement_Bot_AITA WIBTA If I fire somebody for reporting a co-worker to HR because he asked her out on a date?

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2020.11.30 15:59 queen-of-unicorns How do we go about reporting stolen social used for loan?

A few years ago I helped my uncles fill out some paperwork to co-sign my brothers student loan. Because of this I had access to his social very briefly. This morning he received a call from a debt collector saying he had to pay $20,000 on a defaulted loan. Not my brothers loan but the name on the account is my ex boyfriend who I was dating during that time. The only thing I can think of is that he saw the information while I was submitting the application and used it on his own loan. I wouldn’t put this past him as he was very abusive and even tricked me into opening a few accounts then handing them over to him to use. The debt collector is EOS CCA if that changes anything. What’s weird is that the loan didn’t even come up on my uncles accounts when he bought a house 3 years ago. What are our options here?
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2020.11.30 15:45 bryanf1984 Looking to Sell/Trade Devils Stuff

Hi all,

I have the below list of Devils memorabilia I am looking to either sell or trade for other Devils items. On the trade front I would be looking with signed sticks, pucks or jerseys (CoA required) while I am also open to unique items or bobbleheads not released at games in recent years.

Adam Henrique bobblehead
Andy Greene bobblehead
Mike Cammalleri bobblehead
Corey Schneider bobblehead (2)
Puddy bobblehead

Martin Broduer jersey retirement mini-banner (3)
Martin Broduer jersey retirement commemorative coin
Martin Broduer Statue Dedication lithograph "The Salute"
Patrick Elias jersey retirement mini-banner

2012-2013 Drop The Puck season opener puck
2013-2014 Opening Night season opener puck
We're All Fans Inside puck by Prudential (2)
Numerous rally towels including all from the Stanley Cup run

Game day 2016-2017 posters
# Date Opponent
1 10/18/2016 Anaheim Ducks
3 10/25/2016 Arizona Coyotes
5 10/29/2016 Tampa Bay Lightning
8 11/23/2016 Toronto Maple Leafs
9 11/25/2016 Detroit Red Wings
10 12/6/2016 Vancouver Canucks
12 12/20/2016 Nashville Predators
15 12/31/2016 Washington Capitals
18 1/7/2017 Edmonton Oilers
20 1/20/2017 Montreal Canadiens
23 2/3/2017 Calgary Flames
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2020.11.30 15:35 superange128 Monthly Eroge Releases - November 2020

Japanese original releases

Title Developer
Ai Kiss 2 Giga
Akogare no Onna Joushi ga Shin'ya no Office de Onatteru Tokoro o Mite kara Hajimaru Himitsu no Kankei. Orcsoft Team Goblin
Arasa Otoko ga Seiso Ojou-sama o Tasuketara ~Oshikake Semarare Mankitsu H~ Apadash
Bakunyuu Dakedo Jimi na Megane Oku-san wa Suki Desu ka? ~Famiresu Part no Hitozuma ga Ochiru made~ Heiantei
Harem ja Nai yo Kingdom - Charlone & Marrou Hen Smee
Hibikino-san-chi wa Eroge-ya-san! Sonora
Hoikushi no Himitsu ~Yasashii Kao to Yoru no Kao~ Souffle Soft
Hokenshitsu no Sensei to Shabondama Chuudoku no Joshu Citrus
Inkou Kyakusen Uzushio -Naraku no Cruise- Tsurumiku
Itsu made mo Musuko no Mama ja Irarenai! ~Sewazuki Aoi Kaa-san no Muchimuchi Oppai ni Amaete Ippai Shasei Shitai!~ ANIM Mother & Wife
Kan-ochi x Yan Tsuma ~Gomennasai. Watashi, Mukatsuku Kouhai ni Niku Onaho ni Sarechatta no~ Poison
Kyonyuu Onna Shikan Sennou Saimin "Omae no You na Otoko no Meirei ni Shitagau Wake ga Nai Darou" Lune
Mago Katsu ~Kawaii Mago no Tamenara Nakadashi OK...~ Appetite
Mesu Gaki Seifuku Succubus Shoujo Himeka-chan no Inkya Seieki Sakushu Seikatsu Manmaa Chupaaaa
Nightmare x Onmyoji ~Kindan no Paradox~ Guilty Nightmare Project
Nouka no Yome ~Mukashi kara Tsutawaru Midara na Shikitari~ Tryset Break
One → Shota ← One Azarashi Soft+1
Ren'ai x Royale ASa Project
Re;quartz Reido B-cluster
Suiren to Shion Hibiki Works
Yamizome Liberator -Yamiochi Yuusha to Ochiru Senki- Escu:de
Yome no Imouto no Amai Yuuwaku ~Onee-chan Yori mo Kimochi Ii Desho♪~ Appetite
Youka no Sono II WendyBell

English localized releases

Title Developer Localization Company Platform
Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm EXTRA1 sprite Nekonyan PC
Coercion of a Devoted Wife ~A Married Woman's Womb Filled to Pregnancy~ Click Anime click anime INT'L PC
Deviant Dungeon Miel Cherry Kiss Games PC
Grisaia: Phantom Trigger Vol. 5 Frontwing Frontwing & Prototype Switch
Invisible Cock: They never saw it cumming! Miel Cherry Kiss Games PC/Linux
Meteor World Actor Heliodor ShiraVN PC
Neko Para Vol.4 Neko to Patissier no Noel NEKO WORKs & Re: LieF TranslatioN Denpasoft & NEKO WORKs & Sekai Project & CFK Co., Ltd. PC
Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition Regista Sekai Games Switch
Shokuyou-kei Shoujo: Food Girls SimonCreative & Storia SimonCreative & Storia & Justdan International Co., Ltd. Switch
Succumate Doujin Otome Kagura Games PC
Wanting Wings: Her and Her Romance! BaseSon Light MangaGamer PC
VNDB list of November releases (JP only)
VNDB list of November releases (English only)
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2020.11.30 15:32 trooper3169 Christmas Day 2018, I woke up to a dude knocking on my driver’s side window in a gas station car park in the backwoods of Pennsylvania.

“Damn bro you spent Christmas Eve in your car?”
….My mouth was dry and tasted like shit… My eyes focused and my thoughts finally sobered up enough to give a response. “Yeah mate. I was too fucked up to drive.”
A ridiculously large, half empty bottle of Jameson sat in my lap, which explained the charred chalky taste in my mouth. The guy laughed and offered me some coffee…
Now I can’t tell you what to do when you find yourself in such a situation, I can only share with you what I’ve learned. None of what I’m about to tell you is purposed to gain any kind of affirmation or recognition. Just needed to share something that went against the usual grain of my FB wall content of crass memes and vulgarities.
No one is a stranger to life being an absolute CUNT. Difficult times can take its toll on your life and may even derail your plans. But one thing is definite about harsh times; it’s only and is always temporary. My sister taught me that.
Self-reflection and self-care are often hindered when your emotional health is co-dependent on another person. So please be aware of that moving forward.
I entered 2018 engaged to be married, and then by July I wasn’t. The best way to get over someone, is to be inside another, so by “weaponizing” my Australian accent, I went through a slut phase and sampled many of what North Eastern America had to offer, swiping my way through the Tri-State area. Each time, I tried creating a relationship with girl after girl. Which in hindsight I knew was a bad idea. But it was better than sleeping alone. And I don’t mean being physically in bed with someone. But going to sleep with the belief that you have someone to wake up to the next morning. Needless to say it always ended badly. I convinced myself I was impervious to any pain, as long as I was prepared for it. Lesson number 1. I was not.
Around the same time, communication between my daughter and I started to dwindle. It became more difficult to get in touch with her and a response to any of my texts were seldom if not non-existent. Her mum wasn’t helpful either and evidence of her exacerbating the divide between my daughter and I became clear. Lesson number 2; When a woman I love ignores me, my heart breaks. When my daughter cuts communication with me – I AM BROKEN.
November rolls around. I felt like a failure. I dubbed myself as the common denominator in why all my relationships end up failing. And I wore that title with a fine whisky stained robe, I hid behind, with dark humour and explicit tales of my debaucheries, to distract my audience from my collection of half empty liquor bottles.
In every aspect, my confidence was depleted. However I remained excellent at my work and never failed at being a good Motha’ Fuckin’ Marine. Oo-Rah!
Days were spent purposely drowning myself in work, often seeking more projects and responsibility. Countless accolades and praise from my chain of command served as a point of focus, to blur my vision on what was happening internally.
Intimacy became scarce despite the abundance of outlets I could reach out to. Sex was now a necessary labour. Coming became reduced to taking a girl doggy style and spitting on her back, following through with a pathetic performance of climax just for effect. Those who were on the pill were much easier to convince.
I grew fearful that I have successfully killed the one ultimate intimate act you could ever share with another human being. Lesson number 3; Sex does not equal intimacy.
December 2018; I returned home to Australia, and after an unsuccessful meeting with a mediator between my daughters mother and I, regarding the encouraging and facilitating of consistent communication with my daughter, I found myself longing for that empty embrace from my pseudo girlfriend/s back in Pennsylvania, only to arrive to the news that she had moved on and fucked some random guy because she was “lonely” from my 2 week absence. That was the tipping point for me.
December 23 2018 at 0200, there was a rapping at my chamber door ‘’Tis some visitor,” I muttered, “tapping at my chamber door— Only this and nothing more.” Nah…It was the fucken cops, and I was awoken by the sounds of them trying to break down my door. Spotlights lit up the room as I was hunched over the kitchen table, drunk. It turns out I sent some pretty worrisome texts to a friend of mine which prompted him to call the police.
Needless to say, news of the police visit reached my chain of command, resulting in being ordered to see the Wizard. The wizard was an older Italian lady, probably in her 60’s with a thick New Jersey accent. I gave her my spiel and was unsurprisingly declared a low-risk in harming myself, and was just scheduled a follow up after the Christmas Break.
December 23, 1600; our unit was dismissed and I made my way home for the Christmas holidays. I left my phone in my car throughout the day so as soon as I got home my phone had exploded with notifications on IG, FB, YouTube and REDDIT. It turns out that I wrote a full manifesto on how I was going to end my life on Christmas day. Messages from Marines, Soldiers – STRANGERS, flooding my inbox.
I don’t remember writing it. I was too drunk to recall. I responded to one of the messages. “Who the fuck are you and how did you get my IG?”
“Brother, thank you for responding, a lot of us have been trying to reach you to make sure you’re okay.”
He provided me with the link to my so-called farewell. And I might say, Drunk me is quite the word smith. Lol.
I deleted it immediately. My roommates at the time were preparing to travel home for the holidays, when there was another knock on the door. It was my Master Sergeant and another Staff Sergeant. “Hey, You need to come with us. The Colonel wants us to take you to Walter Reed” (Military Hospital in Maryland, a good 2 hours away).
Looking back at this memory, I remember protesting the idea, and making jokes about how the Marine Corps is turning into an institution of pussies. But now that I think about it, I felt ashamed that someone else’s Christmas plans were being fucked with because I couldn’t keep my shit contained.
I performed an encore of the song and dance I had staged previously, with the last wizard, much to the same effect as before. Low-Risk of self-harm. Fuck yes. I was allowed to have my Christmas liberty 96. But more so, the Marines who took me, could proceed with their plans without any further disturbances from me.
Christmas Eve, 2018; I hastily rented an AirBnB. A cabin by lake Eerie. It cost me about $1500. I just needed it for one night. The liquor store in Harrisburg is conveniently close to the Home Depot. Purchases that day consisted of the following supplies for my impromptu road trip.
The drive to the cabin, through the wooded back roads of Pennsylvania is absolutely beautiful on a snowy day. Picturesque and peaceful. My mind was on auto pilot, taking large swallows of whiskey, wincing as I sharply inhaled to counter the burn in my chest as it finally settled at the bottom of my stomach.
I was running low on petrol and decided to pull up to a 24/7 service station in the middle of nowhere. There weren’t many cars apart from a couple of semi trailers and a mini van. The station was manned by an elderly black man. Speckles of white tufts peppered his unshaven cheeks. He had a soulful demeanour, the kind that only those stereotypical, cool black guys can pull off where they effortlessly make anyone else they come across, feel just as cool .
“It’s cold out there brotha, no way I can walk around in this cold with just that cardigan on. But hey you look fly so I get it dawg. Merry Christmas brotha.” He said with a deep receding laugh as I grabbed my beef jerky.
I sat in my car, further liberating the contents of the Jameson bottle.
People-watching. The last few customers at the service station reembarked onto their journeys. I noticed the mini van again. It hadn’t moved. The sliding doors were open with 3 small children no older than 9 years old between all of them, bundled up in layers of thick winter coats and blankets. The man whom I assumed was their father sat in the driver’s seat playing with his phone, periodically taking sips out of his coffee cup. The mother tended to the children as she struggled with the lid of the cup, gently blowing on the hot beverage to cool it down for the kids to drink. The children were too engrossed into their iPads, as the blue haze of the monitors lit up their eyes, to notice their mother offering them something to drink. The view into the van windows were obstructed with mountains of bags and what looked like small furniture. Perhaps they were moving? Who fucken moves on Christmas Eve?
….My mouth was dry and tasted like shit… My eyes focused and my thoughts finally sobered up enough to give a response. “Yeah mate. I was too fucked up to drive.”
“You crazy dawg! Hahaha. Come inside and get some coffee bro...On the house ma ‘mayn. Merry Christmas!”
It took a while before coming to terms that my daughter was just growing up, and I eventually made peace with the idea that maybe her dad isn’t the person she wanted to reach out to at that time. It took a while to admit to myself out loud that I was afraid of being alone. It took me even longer to admit, that I needed to be.
I continued to see the therapist from Jersey. My daughter eventually started texting me and calling me again.
I woke up one day to a phone call from one girl I was hooking up with at the time. Verbatim, she said; “Come over and fuck me”. I declined. I think I made up an excuse about, how I’d love to, but having had to work, I wasnt able to. But really… I just had No. Desire. To.
A couple weeks later another girl whom I was occasionally with at the time, texted me. Again, I declined. This time without making up an excuse and just told her I didn’t feel like it. She did not like this response and so it ended there.
The idea of sex at that point was no longer a source of intimacy for me anymore. That feeling of ‘wholeness’ usually associated with laying with someone and tasting them upon your lips, just didn’t possess the same grandeur. So I started doing things alone. Though not on purpose, I remained abstinent. Just wasn’t in the mood. And for the first time in my life, although alone…I didn’t feel lonely.
It was about 5 months before I started dating again. But it was different. I was more confident. I felt that I could walk away from possible toxic situations if and when I wanted to. And I knew what I wanted and I knew who I was and what I brought to the table.
Since then, there has been many disappointments, but not heartache. There has been many failures, but not without growth. And quite honestly, I’ve been happy ever since.
Again, I’m not here to tell people what to do in times of despair. I am merely sharing my experience on the chance that someone might read this and relate to some of it, and hopefully find some kind of clarity in a place where there wasn’t any...
It’s been a difficult year for everyone, but believe me when I say that it wont stay like that.
Stay frosty my friends.
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2020.11.30 15:18 whyameyeheer Intoxicated ex coparenting advice

Long post.
My 2 kids 10 and under have spent time with my ex wife and I 50/50 for the last 2.5 years since our physical separation. She had a townhouse right away with her parents co-signing and I went from staying at my dad’s to an apartment and now a house for almost 1 year. She has primary residence designation despite 50/50. This primarily effects what schools the kids attend. I pay child support and alimony.
She had a live-in boyfriend with the kids for 1.5 years that ended this summer. It was fraught with turmoil from what the kids have said. Clearly a guise and sadly kept more for external show on Facebook than the holistic companionship a partner can provide.
She quit her job this summer given Covid demands of kids out of school and her mental issues with keeping a job. She and her BF broke up a month after that. It was also very serious when it came to alcohol.
It’s become clear that she and he had become dangerously drunk with each other regardless of the presence of the kids. Despite that relationship having ended and him moving out in September, she has not leveled-out. There have been times she has been too distraught or ill for some reason or another to take care of the kids. The kids even had to call my ex in-laws secretly from their sobbing mother one night to get help for her. They ended up leaving that night to stay with her parents. My ex didn’t even know where they were the next morning at 5:30 when she came-to. The kids shared this story with me anecdotally.
This past weekend upon drop-off it was clear she had been drinking and I stayed there in the car after the kids went in and called her mother and sister for sober companionship. They came and even asked me to stay and talk. It turned into a sort-of intervention with her whole family who had clearly been aware of and hiding this side of my ex from me.
The kids came home with me and her family is just as insistent on her getting clinical help while I take care of the kids. They are visiting her for Thanksgiving and staying over at her parents all together Thursday night. It’s clear her parents don’t trust her at this point. They seemed fed up during the intervention and at their wits end. They’ve been hiding this from me to protect her and the kids. It’s very frustrating.
We learned she has met been with men intimately this week dating as well. We have insisted she gets a Covid test and that such stop.
She insists she doesn’t have an alcohol problem, yet she is clearly using it to self-medicate despite being on a litany of drugs that preclude any form of alcohol consumption.
We have insisted she joins an intensive outpatient program to guide and treat her as well. This must include a family meeting to ensure a course of treatment and ensure her disclosure of everything to her practitioners.
This just goes to spell out her pattern of simply not being able. Able to maintain a job. Able to maintain a household without a contributing companion. Able to maintain or achieve her sobriety when it matters most (with the kids). Able to maintain mental clarity. There’s so much to unpack here.
Now I’m at a crossroads. I have always given her the benefit of the doubt when it came to a being a good mom. Everything else frustrated me, but now I’m just afraid she in too deep and putting the kids at an ongoing risk. Her family witnessed me being so distraught over her situation and what the kids are experiencing. I don’t know what to do anymore. How she will be able to be trusted moving forward?
I don’t know if a custody pursuit is in order. She has never been well, but she has had a 2.5 years to show how good enough a mom she can be and I’m afraid she stopped trying at some point. The kids are going down her path of anxiety and sedentary home life. I try not to pursue change in her parenting (such as more than typical fast food and little limits on video games, tv, and iPad), but I’m afraid her disposition and insistence on being able to just be ‘herself’ is harming the kids well-being.
TLDR; my ex wife was intoxicated when the kids were dropped off and her family helped convince her the kids need to stay with me for now.
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2020.11.30 15:11 Co_pper Got a question for factions out there..

Once the feds let me out (MFP), I may leave HBC for a while and join a Colonist faction, now I only have about 10k on my HBC a black set, and a few weapons and I wish to keep it on HBC instead of transferring everything everytime I wish to do something different. The following list is something I wish for in a Colonist faction, I'll be back on 12/18/2020 or 12/20/2020 so if you will contact me @ Co_IIected#8684 I'll get back to you on those dates
  1. Activity at the minumum a 10+ man rally.
  2. Basic supplies/Suppliers, I wish to be able to have the minimum of the following items: Brown set 1 Primary 1 Secondary 1 Melee (Sabre, axe, something) 15 bandages minimum 20 leadballs minimum 5 munition pouches of any color AT LEAST a lantern, if not then a spyglass or all three preferably. Ice picks Snowshoes Axe Pickaxe Other basic necessities I haven't mentioned
  3. Combative ability: I wish to learn more combative techniques but I wish to do so enjoyably, yes we will lose but I don't wish to constantly lose, although this may be Impossible, I do wish to lose and win but not ALWAYS lose keyword **ALWAYS**
  4. Good leadership: I seek good NCO's and Officers. I want to see some discipline amongst the Rankers, I don't wanna see my role models "freeballing" everything they do. If I do something bad, I want to be punished, I don't want someone saying "No biggie" if I mess up, this leads to horrible discipline and bad uniformity.
That concludes this message, thank you.
reddit: u/Co_pper Discord: Co_IIected#8684 Roblox: Co_IIected
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2020.11.30 14:44 ixamnis Nikola's stock tumbles after new supply deal with General Motors doesn't include equity stake

Shares of Nikola Corp. (NKLA) sank 15.2% in premarket trading Monday, after the battery- and hydrogen-electric vehicle maker said it signed an new supply agreement with General Motors Co. (GM), which doesn't include the previously announced GM equity stake. Nikola said the new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) "supercedes and replaces" the deal announced on Sept. 8.
At that time, Nikola disclosed a subscription agreement in which it will issue and sell 47.7 million shares of its common stock to GM valued at $2.0 billion. Under terms of the MOU, Nikola and GM will integrate GM's Hydrotec fuel-cell technology into Nikola's zero-emission Class 7 and Class 8 semi-trucks, and the companies will "discuss" the potential for using GM's Ultium battery system Nikola's Class 7 and Class 8 trucks.
Nikola said it continues to expect to begin testing prototypes of its fuel-cell powered trucks by the end of 2021. Nikola's stock has dropped 32.5% over the past three months through Friday but was still up 170.6% year to date, while the S&P 500 has advanced 12.6% this year.
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2020.11.30 14:43 IPatEussy Can providers/facilities still seek recovery after a “bad debt” write off?

In this example, it’s a hospital on a campus.
I owed a cumulative of $564 on my statement for multiple visits. I had a few visits between June and Nov for a minor operation and I got a new statement today.
Statement is $87.53. They wrote off all unpaid debt prior to my last visit in November.
It shows my co-pay deductions out of that $564 and then a cumulative $327 “bad debt” write off”. That’s what the item line says. It’s three line items that total up to the cumulative $327 from three separate occasions. I hope that wasn’t confusing.
i.e. Date 1 — $165 — bad debt write off
Date 2 — $88 — bad debt write off
Date 3 — $74 — bad debt write off
So, what happened? Did the college hospital just forgive my bill or should I be expecting a collection letter? I thought I had a $20/m payment plan signed up last time I went in for a visit but I guess not.
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2020.11.30 14:13 GeneralCritic Looking for Advice on Dating A Baptist

Hi guys. I'm a lifelong Lutheran dating a Baptist girl. I was hoping to hear any advice on this you might offer. So we've tried to find a compromise type church but have found fairly well that those are not a good option, since many are mainline, and despite local conservativism suffer from internal moral and doctrinal rot. (We tried UCC, particularly conservative churches that descend from more of a German Lutheran-Reformed fused background and the Methodist church. The prior churches are all dwindling, and knowing how ragingly liberal the skeleton of the UCC’s academia and clergy are, I couldn’t in good conscience be a part of that. We both objected to the fact Methodists pretty well wholesale endorse evolution, so we’ve got common ground on that).
Anyway we've now begun to do the process of looking for the answers between one another. I actually did quite enjoy a service with a small traditional Reformed Baptist group, though I dont feel my sacramental views budging. My girlfriend comes from an Arminian background, and one of the areas where I've had success in our talks together is her adopting a Lutheran, mongergist view. (Predestination to salvation, but not to damnation)
I know it is hard for either of us, and I know it's hard for her too, because I'm a bit overwhelming in doctrinal conviction (I've even at points considered ministry). It is hard because I know differences in doctrine separate us. And I know that the key is to avoid creating any lasting resentment, because that can undermine us down the road. But I was wondering what your guys thoughts were?
One thing I've noted to her is that I'm willing to attend contemporary worship if she goes Lutheran. One down side is that many of our area's Lutheran churches aren't particularly good at CoWo.
There are side issues I’ve not tackled (namely different eschatology and views on continuationism - the latter I’ve not really considered to be a very big issue. She’s no Charismatic, and Lutherans are not really hard cessationists.)
I do love her very much, and I definitely believe we have a future. I'm just not sure how to get there.
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2020.11.30 14:06 geebeanie My (27F) boyfriend (27M) of two years is an expat who is planning to return to his home country next year, and we can't seem to align on what to do with our relationship when that happens.

TL;DR - Boyfriend (27M) and I (27F) met when we both weren't really looking for something serious. When I decided I did, I ended up giving him an ultimatum: date me seriously or lose me. He chose to be with me. Two years later, we're great together but he still can't help but feel he isn't ready to be in a relationship of escalating commitment. He's planning to move back to his home country mid of next year, and we can't align on what to do with our relationship.
We met in 2018 when he moved to my city for work. I was the first girl he met through a dating app, and he was, well, a semi-rebound. I was just starting to get back into the dating scene after spending a year getting over my ex-boyfriend, and he was a confidence booster. So, we were never really set up for a long term relationship... Yet, as fate would have it, we hit it off so well from Day 1 that we ended up meeting up 3 out of 4 days he was in town (before he flew back to HK where he was then based for a month to wrap up his affairs and prepare for his move to my city).
We continued to keep in touch and started seeing each other casually a month later once he moved to my city to start his new job. For months, it never really progressed beyond that because our both of our jobs demanded so much traveling so we were never in the same place for long. It wasn't until I took up a new job in Oct of the same year that I decided I wanted to start looking for something serious and rooted. We ended up breaking up because he wasn't ready to settle into a serious relationship, and I didn't blame him. He was a young, ambitious expat who had moved to Asia for the first time...and I was the first girl he had gone out with. But it wasn't a clean break because what we had was painful to give up.
After waddling in murky waters for three months, he tells me he's ready to start dating exclusively (because the alternative would be to lose me). It's been two years since, and we've been so good together. We are incredibly loving, supportive and respectful towards one another, and would make amazing life partners. We've also been progressing in the conventional sense of he's met all of my good friends and family and vice versa. We are compatible and aligned on almost every single dimension... EXCEPT probably the only thing that matters: the future.
He has dreams / passions he wants to focus on and pursue in the next 1-2 years before he can even think about settling down/ co-creating a life with a partner, whereas I feel like I'm ready now and I want to actively work towards building a future with my partner. He loves me and doesn't want to lose me, but can't help but feel that was been pushed into an increasingly escalating relationship without meaning to in the first place. We just see things very differently - in his compartmentalised view of the world, it makes perfect sense. This topic of conversation comes up from time to time but because every other moment is so good, we keep sweeping it under the carpet because it's always a dead impasse when we do tackle it.
A few months ago, he tells me he's planning to move back to his home country mid of next year to pursue his passions full-time for at least the next 1-2 years (and not sure of plans after that), and so it became unavoidable to discuss the very future we had been avoiding. I want to give long-distance relationship a try, and keep an open mind to moving over in the future, whereas he's not that keen on it. He says the only way he might be more okay with it is if it were open... conceptually, I'm not 100% opposed to it, but I fear in reality it will all go horribly wrong. He's convinced that we are the right people for each other, but that now is simply not the right time for him to get into a seriously committed relationship. The best case scenario for him is for us to stay as friends / without the emotional tax until he has accomplished all that he needs to, and then hopefully we can find our way back to each other. Whereas for me, I don't believe in the right person, wrong timing. I think that just means he's the wrong person...We are once again at an impasse, only now, we have a 6-month time limit to come to some kind of a conclusion.
What are my options and best chances to keep this relationship alive while not completely ruining my sense of self?
I've been tossing and turning this over in my head for months now and I only emerged with more questions, not answers. I would truly appreciate different perspectives. Thank you in advance.
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2020.11.30 13:58 poornima_universit Preparing For Your Education In An Engineering College: A Checklist

Preparing For Your Education In An Engineering College: A Checklist
It is indeed a big challenge to tackle a humongous syllabus, participate in the co-curricular activities and pass yoru engineering course with impressive results. But it is also true that you can overcome all these hurdles if you have a checklist in hand. The moment REAP counselling 2020 is over, you will be enrolled in your desired engineering course and that is the moment from when you should start making use of these enlisted tips.
  1. Speak to a career counsellor: When the counselling date is allotted to you, make sure you specifically understand the courses that are offered. Discussing with the career counsellor at length about the designated courses will give you a proper insight into them, thus, helping you to get admitted in an engineering course of your preference.
  2. Make a worthy choice: Once you have chosen and got yourself admitted to a particular course, you should begin studying from day one. Choosing the right engineering course makes you more interested in your lectures, assignments, classroom participation, exams, etc. and you consequently become studious. If you are planning to learn something extra besides the main engineering course, it should hold relevance to what you are studying as it will be beneficial in getting a job.
  3. Attend theoretical and practical classes: Being regular in the lectures and classes makes your education more profound. Do remember that every lecture has its importance and acquiring thorough knowledge broadens your chances of bagging a great job in the future. Since your knowledge will be put to test every day as an established engineer, keeping this point on your checklist is mandatory.
  4. Be prepared for rigorous studies: The stakes are going to be high but that must not diminish your spirit. So, do not let any challenge dim your brightness and prepare yourself to crack every exam with confidence.
  5. Creating a network: It is extremely crucial to enhance and widen your network. Moreover, the more you interact with others, your chances of staying up to date with recent educational trends are going to be more.
  6. Participate with the sheer dedication: You must participate in science seminars, symposiums, workshops, exhibitions and conferences not only to gather knowledge but also to get known and recognised beyond your immediate circle.
As a student of one of the top engineering colleges in Jaipur, you must possess determination, self-confidence, passion to achieve your goals and complete your engineering course with full merit. The given checklist will make your way to success easier and let you come out with flying colours. So, study with complete dedication, score well, learn your subject well and get placed in a top-notch orgnaisation.
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🐦 @WalesInter: Nominations close Tomorrow @ 10AM PST! Head over to @Steam to nominate: Best Soundtrack: Maid of Sker Sit Back and Relax: Five Dates Outstanding Story-Rich Game: Take your pick! RTs are very welcome! Vote here 👉 submitted by TwitFeedBot to TwitFeed [link] [comments]